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GREAT Job Ian!!!!   5th place in the State of Pennsylvania... That's something to be proud of!!! 



The Seniors take it,  WAY TO GO Ian on the road to States! 2010 Is your Year . . . opportunity knocked and you answered! You've already made us proud... This one is for you.... Great Job Keith, Greg and the entire coaching staff!  


Incredible Job Jared and David, Next Year is your!
 You have gone further than most!

As of 8:30 Friday Night March 5th at districts in Sharon, Jared, Ian, and David are all moving on to Wrestle on Saturday..... one step closer to States !

Take it all the way, You can do this!!!


Congratulations to Ian Chiesa, Jared, David, and Ty Rotko for advancing to the Districts on the way to States!


Districts Winners Advancing are...

Jared Merritt with a Second Place Finish!

David Osterberg with a Second Place Finish!

Ian Chiesa with a Fourth Place Finish!

On the Road to Regions in Sharon Pennsylvania Mar 5th - 7th.